Party Casks

Order a party cask from us and have your own bar in your home or at your event.We can provide a cask with the beer of your choice along with a hand pump so you can set up your own personal bar and we offer kegs rated up to 144 pints so you'll be sure to keep the party flowing.

Your beer will come bright which means it can be set up on the day of the event and be ready to drink straight away. We can also provide glasses loaned free of charge.

Choose a cask

Choose a Cask

Choose a beer from our core range to have in cask and select the size you'd like.

Add a selection of bottles

Add Bottled Beer

Supplement your cask with any of our bottled beer. From our low alcohol Point Five to our decedent Thoroughbred.

Select your equipment

Select Equipment

We can provide as many hand pumps or glasses as you need at no extra charge.


Prices are for collection from the brewery. For an extra charge of £40 we can deliver to your door (within a 30 mile radius of the brewery) and collect the equipment afterwards.

72 Pints

9 Gallons


88 Pints

11 Gallons


144 Pints

18 Gallons


Booking Enquiry

We're ready to supply your party with our great beer. Enquire now and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your event and to see how we can best suit your requirements.

Contact Information

To get started please provide your name and contact information so we can get in touch to discuss your event.

Your Event

To help us understand your requirements let us know the details of your event.

We can deliver to locations within 30 miles from the brewery at an additional cost of £40.00.

Cask Beer

Select the beers you would like in cask and the sizes you are interested in. We will get in touch to confirm the details.

Beers Select the beers you would like in cask.
Cask Size Select the cask sizes you're interested in.
72 Pints – 9 Gallons
88 Pints – 11 Gallons
144 Pints – 18 Gallons

Bottled Beer

Supplement your cask with a selection of our bottled beer. Select the beers you are interested in and we will confirm quantity when we get in touch.

Bottle Selection Select any of our bottled beer to supplement your cask beer.


Add extra glasses and hand pumps at no extra cost.

Glasses come in trays of 20

What Happens Next?

Once you make your enquiry we'll contact you to discuss your event in more detail so we can tailor our package to suit you.

Send your enquiry
We'll contact you
Receive your beer
Return your equipment


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