When we started Hambleton Brewery back in 1991 our mission was simply to produce great tasting beer.

Fast forward 31 years and that mission still stands – we want to produce great beer – all of the time. 

This means we will not cut corners or scrimp on our ingredients. We choose the best ingredients we can to ensure all our beers deliver on taste. 

We exclusively use Maris Otter malted barley as our main base malt as it gives great flavour and body to the beer. There are cheaper alternatives but we don’t believe any come close to Marris Otter as a brewing barley.

In addition, we use hops from all around the world. Each beer will typically use 3 or 4 different hops, all in different blends, and added at different times to the brew to build balance and character.

We primarily use our own yeast strain. 30 years ago, this was actually a strain from McEwan’s Fountain Brewery in Edinburgh. Since then it has adapted and adjusted to our beers and processes and it is now our own unique strain which is responsible for the distinctive taste of Hambleton beers. 

Finally, all our water is extracted from our very own borehole deep under the brewery. Natural, untreated, and the perfect base to build great beers from.

Our Best Sellers