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Birthday treat!

Since being diagnosed Coeliac I really miss Guinness... what a treat to find Nightmare porter! Fantastic beer brewed with passion.

Birthday treat!

Without a doubt the best GF lager in the UK!

Great Beers, Great Gluten Free Selection

Really good beers, and so refreshing (literally) to have such a wide choice of gluten free options. Easy to collect order locally, and after office hours which is great for us!

Greatest GF beer

Love this beer, by far the best gf beer i've had and most importantly doesn't taste gf at all.

A Fine Beer

Our favourite ale! And gluten free is a bonus.

Contemplating in front of the fire with glass in hand as darkness falls outside.

Thinking very hard of something not so great to say about this amber coloured substance and the best way to keep contemplating this challenge is to keep tasting, looking at and smelling Point 5. Drink Point 5 like a session beer without fear or sip it to get more of the hoppy scent and the deep flavours. Think on lad think on.

Well, I have been sipping and slurping, swizzling the glass, sniffing and holding Point 5 up to various lights to admire the colours. It has been a few months of scrutinising Point 5, so much so that it has made me a Hambleton VIP, but still no luck in finding the elusive not so strong point of Point 5.

Ureka, I have got it! Point 5 is not a Porter nor a Stout! But then, (note to self), Point 5 is neither of those! Oh well, top off another bottle of Point 5 and back to contemplating. With 3 cases of Point 5 in the back of the car ready to head for Spain where I will have to spend a bit of time by the pool with a cooler Point 5 studying how to divide 48 by Point 5 =96 to have enough to last the time away from Hambleton Brewery

Brilliant beers for coeliacs

A company to be admired. A superb, quality selection of GF beers to cater for those who can't have or are avoiding gluten. Nightmare porter is highly recommended if, like me, you're looking for a Guinness alternative. Customer service is also fantastic. A really positive experience. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Always great ale. Reliable in an unreliable world.

A very good neipa

Just loved this beer. A must for an IPA fan.

Flavour to savour

After sampling a mix and match pack as a Christmas present, l picked a selection of my favourite gluten free beers for further enjoyment.
The mix and match pack gives me a chance to not only have my favourites but also allows me another chance to re try some of the ones i wasnt quite sure of.
There are some really exciting flavours in the beers on offer, really enjoyable.


Delicious deep flavour, rich hops and pleasant fizz at the back of the tongue. Couldn’t tell it’s gluten free at all, I’ve tried so many beers suitable for coeliac and Chevron is by far the best!!!

Thirst to the finish?

Made at the highly respected Nick Stafford Hambleton Brewery, near Ripon, North Yorkshire, and said to be horse racing inspired, this gluten free New England IPA is almost as bright yellow as its can, with just a touch of haze. I'm sure I've put money on a jockey wearing the same top as is on the can! Chevron is made with 'Cryo-hops' a process that involves freezing fresh hops with liquid nitrogen, hence the cryo label. This might be a bit techy if you've had a pint or two but hang in there as it's an important part of IPA brewing these days. Hop cones contain in their centre lupulin glands full of yellow powdery stuff, the lupulin, that holds all the flavour and oils surrounded by leafy material called brack. Freezing the cones then shattering them allows separation of the lupulin and the brack. The lupulin is crushed into pellets with some excess plant material. Different beers have different concentrations of each.
All this means that Chevron bursts with fruitiness - orange and mango I could taste - giving an stand out mixed sweet and dry bitter flavour. I'm sure on sunny days at the races a pint or three will readily quench the thirst, but whether you think it goes the extra mile, is all down to personal preference. At 4% it's not quite a session beer but unlike stronger beers you shouldn't fall at the first hurdle! It is most certainly worth a punt!

Happy Birthday

The husband couldn’t be happier with his gluten free mix and match. He craves a ‘proper’ beer since being diagnosed coeliac 10yrs ago - this hits the spot - Well Done, highly recommend

At last!

This is a real winner. The low and non alcohol beers on the market generally lack one thing. Taste. The Point 5 scores highly for me on this front. It pours well and is a satisfying pint to drink.

The More the Merrier

Four of your excellent moreish ales.
Just the best !

First time back for a while - what a treat

I have bought GFA and GFL several times over the years I have been a Coeliac. Its great to see the choice now from the brewery when making this purchase. Plenty of choice for all pallettes. My order was dealt with promptly and the pack arrived quickly. The only downside now is that they are all gone. Time to order some more..

Chevron | 440ml 12 Pack


Great tasting beer. You would be hard pressed to tell it was gluten free ( comment from one of my friends).

Fantastic and varied GF beers

I’ve tried most of Hambleton Breweries GF range now and really like most of them and absolutely love several. Nightmare Porter is my favourite, very smooth, smoky and flavoursome.

North Pole Pale Ale

Excellent crisp taste

Top quality

I tried the GFA after it appeared in my local supermarket, I then ended up buying a mixed gluten free case from here. This is the first I’ve tried and it is superb. I’ve missed really good beer a lot whilst being gluten free but this is quality and friends who are not gf agreed.

Proper GF stout at last

So I was diagnosed coeliac in 1998 and in 35 years had not enjoyed my favourite drink…. Guinnness. How amazing it was to sample Nightmare Porter and enjoy those flavours again. Smooth, smoky, liquorice flavours with small bubbles (it’s not gassy if you know what I mean). Amazing!

The session of sessions

A great tasting beer, full of flavour, whilst also being light, zingy and refreshing....and , as someone who can only enjoy gluten free ales, this beer is a phenomenal alternative (though I think alternative is the wrong word, as I would chose it even if I was not gluten intolerant!!)

Festive Folly | 500ml 16 Pack

Perfect for the festive season

Bought this as a treat for myself to celebrate Christmas and the New Year . It's like being in my own pub at home having my favourite ale on tap!
Great value and easy to use (instructions are printed on the top of the keg which is a nice touch)