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Great beer, great service, great people

As a coeliac it's always good to find a gluten free beer and they are thankfully becoming more common, however in my experience most brewers produce very limited gluten free options - normally a take it or leave it lager style beer. That's where Hambleton's differ they've worked consistently over a number of years to make their entire range gluten free whilst maintaining quality and taste, you really can't tell it's gluten free - so if you prefer a traditional ale whether you need it gluten free or not give their GFA a try you won't be disappointed. If you prefer a different style you've a full range to choose from. Thank you Hambleton's from the coeliac community - your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated.

Having tried GFL larger, I can honestly say it is really very nice. Glad I’ve discovered Hambleton Brewery. Cheers Faye.

Exceptional gluten free beer

I couldn’t help myself snapping up a case. Hambleton do amazing gluten free beers.

Best GF (Propa) Beer

At last a GF ale that actually taste like a real ale .. I’ve dreamt of such an ale for 15yr .. Well Done Hambleton Brewery 👍🏻

GFA beer

Bought this for the first time, not disappointed at all, wasn't sure about this gluten free thing, but after drinking a few bottles, totally blown away by how good this beer is. One of my favourites now.

Good quality ale

Smooth ale, the right amount of bitterness and sweetness.

Gluten Free beers

Hambleton beers are excellent for coeliacs lovely ales 🍺

Very good beer

Very good beer for my dad he loves w

Just the best ale

See above!!

Wonderful Beer!

Lovely selection and all wonderful beers! Well done guys, keep up the great work!

Great mix

It’s really useful to top up with my old favourites and then sample a few new brews.

The best tasting dark ale on the market !!!!

A great GF IPA

Easy drinking and bags of taste. This is a really special brew

Finally a proper beer for gluten free

Excellent, been searching for a decent beer that is gf free. good range too

Fabulous Gluten Free Beer!

A full bodied,tasty beer.

dad loved it

Dad loved it for his birthday, only GF beer he will drink!

Birthday treat!

Since being diagnosed Coeliac I really miss Guinness... what a treat to find Nightmare porter! Fantastic beer brewed with passion.

Birthday treat!

Without a doubt the best GF lager in the UK!

Great Beers, Great Gluten Free Selection

Really good beers, and so refreshing (literally) to have such a wide choice of gluten free options. Easy to collect order locally, and after office hours which is great for us!

Greatest GF beer

Love this beer, by far the best gf beer i've had and most importantly doesn't taste gf at all.

A Fine Beer

Our favourite ale! And gluten free is a bonus.

Contemplating in front of the fire with glass in hand as darkness falls outside.

Thinking very hard of something not so great to say about this amber coloured substance and the best way to keep contemplating this challenge is to keep tasting, looking at and smelling Point 5. Drink Point 5 like a session beer without fear or sip it to get more of the hoppy scent and the deep flavours. Think on lad think on.

Well, I have been sipping and slurping, swizzling the glass, sniffing and holding Point 5 up to various lights to admire the colours. It has been a few months of scrutinising Point 5, so much so that it has made me a Hambleton VIP, but still no luck in finding the elusive not so strong point of Point 5.

Ureka, I have got it! Point 5 is not a Porter nor a Stout! But then, (note to self), Point 5 is neither of those! Oh well, top off another bottle of Point 5 and back to contemplating. With 3 cases of Point 5 in the back of the car ready to head for Spain where I will have to spend a bit of time by the pool with a cooler Point 5 studying how to divide 48 by Point 5 =96 to have enough to last the time away from Hambleton Brewery

Brilliant beers for coeliacs

A company to be admired. A superb, quality selection of GF beers to cater for those who can't have or are avoiding gluten. Nightmare porter is highly recommended if, like me, you're looking for a Guinness alternative. Customer service is also fantastic. A really positive experience. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Always great ale. Reliable in an unreliable world.

A very good neipa

Just loved this beer. A must for an IPA fan.