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Fantastic range of Gluten Free beers

A great variety of gluten free beers. Fantastic to be able to try out several different beers, all full of flavour. The Nighmare Porter was the stand out for me.

Awesome gluten free beer

I love HB for their amazing selection of GF beers. I’ve purchased a couple of mini kegs now and they are always spot on. Birthdays and Christmas are perfect occasions for them and always amaze guests. Excellent customer service too and very fast delivery.

Star of the show

Of the various beers I love from Hambleton Brewery - this is my favourite. It will always be part of my order.

On pouring it is hazy and mysterious in the glass until the first mouthful and then the hops hit the palate, ultra refreshing and before you know it you are seeking the next can.

Great tasting quality beer

The best selection from one brewery of gluten free beers. Used to be able to get the gfa in Tesco, but have not been able to for years. Found the website and so much choice. Dived right in and appreciated being able to choose what beers I wanted to include in my selection. Will be shopping again soon! Forget the stars, it’s 5 beers from me!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

Fantastic Beer

This beer is great !!!! I have gf Ale and Nightmare both are strong on taste which is what I prefer and both deliver in spades definitely worth ordering

Stud Blonde - Sexy, Stunning and Satisfying!

A most refreshing drink - particularly for the summer!

Brilliant mix pack

Bought this mix pack for my gluten free husbands birthday. He has always loved the GFA but was excited to try lots of new ales. His new favourite so far is the Nightmare Porter!

Best pack 👍

Very nice to have the mixture of beers, you can sometimes get tired of the same one, so it’s very good to have the veriaty.

Don’t look anywhere else for gluten free beers

Every single one of the beers in my GF mixed pack is superb. All different flavour profiles so it’s nice to think about what I want to drink and have the choice. Great GF beers backed up by first class customer service. I won’t be going anywhere else from now on.


Never thought I'd find a good gluten free beer, but all of them in this taster pack had me loving life

Very good porter

Lovely porter - just as described.
It is difficult to get porter at the moment as the trend is towards sticky gooey high alcohol stouts - which are ok in moderation.
So it’s nice to get a consistent good porter.
The keg gives a little more head than the bottle and I think is a little drier. Both are fine!

Best Porter I have ever tasted !

I love this Porter. Sweet and full bodied … reminds me of liquorice and plumb flavour but each to his own.

One of my favourites

So many excellent Hambleton beers to choose from. I can't make my mind up but this is in my top three.

A lovely addition to the Hambleton IPA stable

The (relatively) new addition to the Hambleton IPA stable is different in character but just as good as the Bootlegger and Thoroughbred IPAs. I wasn't sure to begin with: the first couple of batches of Diabolo I bought were excessively fizzy and a tad sweet; probably because they were still fermenting in the can. However, the most recent boxes of Diabolo I have collected have been perfect. As it says on the tin, the beer is crisp and refreshing, particularly when served very cold - which I recommend. I enjoy all 3 of the Hambleton IPAs. I particularly like Diabolo because at 440ml, the volume of beer in the can is slightly less than the 500ml in the Bootlegger and Thoroughbred bottles. When I'm trying to cut down on my beer consumption I can drink two without as much guilt. Ha!

A GF beer with a kick

Another wonderful beer from Hambleton Brewery very refreshing and perfect for these summer days!

Great flavour

My favourite beer. Great refreshing taste, full flavour.

Stud Blonde

One of the best you can buy in the market, easy drinking and stunning taste! Loved the mini keg option as it is great to enjoy with friends!

Husband was very, very happy! (Not an easy thing to achieve!)

My husband was so happy with his mixed gluten free pack I got him for his birthday. It’s so hard to find good quality, gluten free lagers and he is half way through this pack and has loved all the ones he has tried so far. Will definitely be reordering from Hambleton! Thank you! X

Freed from the gluten beer gaol

Like so many others, I suddenly found I was gluten intolerant. Ok, some changes were required, so sacrifices, but who would have known there was such a poor an offering of good, real, gluten free beer (?) Everything I tried was insipid, characterless and unsatisfying. Gluten free this, gluten free that, just bland and making me reach for a decent (gluten filled) beer again....but then, from nowhere (as I had drunk Hambleton before, at one of my favourite pubs) I suddenly realised 'they' produced Gluten Free beers, ones I had tried without knowing. Then I found they had such a wide offering of styles gluten free beer and then, even more amazingly to me (based on my previous experiences of gluten free beer) the Hambleton beers are 'proper'. Full of flavour, freshness and distinctiveness. Each beer I try from the Hambleton range brings me joy and revamps my love for beer and all its variations in flavour and character. Thank you, most profoundly!

Cracking good yorkshitr beer

Bootleggers IPA | 500ml 16 Pack

Session Ale Favourite Tipple

This is by far one of the best Ales made in the UK, it’s a cracking beer whatever the occasion. We’ve introduced many friends to Session and now it’s a staple in our fridge and parties 🎉 🍺

Nice crisp larger that is easy to drink

Nice easy drinking larger that has a good balance of crispness/refreshing edge and body/flavour.

Amazing GF Beer

Bought for my husband who has recently found out he can no longer have gluten, and has really been missing a decent beer. Enjoyed every last sip, particularly the diabolo and the knightmare porter. Lovely stuff